Invading pests instigate problems for residential and commercial properties.
They can cause structural damages, spread diseases and can be a nuisance to people.

As a customer of Termax Services you can be confident that we will provide you with the best service there is, leaving your home and business pest free.

Here at Termax, we pride ourselves on helping people with their pest and wildlife problems for the past 25 years.


Termax eliminates your home and yard of pests and animals to make sure your surroundings are pest free. Our trained and licensed technicians begin each service by inspecting each area that could have a possible infestation. After each area is inspected and treated our technicians will return about 2 to 3 weeks after the initial appointment to re-inspect your home to confirm that the problem has been resolved.


At Termax, we strive to perform exceptionally well to take care of any pest problems you. We deal with various commercial needs including:

• Hotels and motels
• Condominiums
• Restaurants and buffets
• Retail
• Warehouses
• Distribution centres
• Agriculture

... and many more!

7 Reasons To Choose Termax

• 30 Years of experience in all areas of pest control
• Trained professionals using industry leading technology and products
• Fast, dependable and discreet service
• Unmarked vehicles
• Unsurpassed safety record
• Competitive pricing!
• Free Estimates

Reliable Integrated Pest Management Experts
• Vast knowledge on different pests/wildlife and treatments
• Professionals who will get the job done!

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